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Still kind of flipping out about recent Homestuck updates (still talking about the ones from the weekend here). I feel kind of silly, because hey, it's a webcomic. But wow, if I thought the meaningless deaths were upsetting me, how about one that is terrifying and meaningful in-universe and personally! Surely that would make a lovely change! Yeah, about that.

The reason I was so upset about Hussie's Formspring yesterday was that he was admonishing fans to take it as a joke for the very reasons it was terrifying to me. Like, Equius is a gag character because he's sexually submissive, therefore his death is a gag death because it involves sexual submission! Get it? ...well actually no, I epically did not get it, with a side of taking it personally which probably wasn't entirely necessary.

His later post (yes, I looked at it again, proving that I have the decision-making ability of a concussed stoat, because We Do Not Read The Formspring) just sort of made me think that Mr Hussie's idea of funny is just incomprehensibly different from my own, so a death that picks up all the things that have been important for the character and follows them to their most horrifying conclusion is funny. Which, I mean, okay, what I feel is not what I would refer to as amusement - and granted I assume he's not expecting his audience to share Equius' kinks and get an extra layer of terrifying identifying with him, so maybe that makes it funnier? - but whatever you want to call it, man - even though he called it trolling I feel a little less trolled (Although we still Do Not Read The Formspring).

I'm not really looking at the fandom right now, either - if there were discussion (outside the message boards, which I just can't keep up with) I'd be up for that, but where I've been looking fandom is making the jokes (also, the porn) that are, I admit, called for by the update. I'm just not feeling it right now because instead of being amused, it's sort of relevant to my interests and therefore simultaneously horrifying. I'm gonna go, like, read X-men fic until I stop flipping my shit about this webcomic (wish I was far enough along in DS9 to go read ALL the fanfiction without spoiling most of the actual plot). Also possibly do my homework, oh right, that.

Date: 2011-02-09 02:57 am (UTC)
cypher: Aradia kissing Equius, both of them bloody (trOllTP)
From: [personal profile] cypher
THIS THIS THIS. I was sort of thinking out loud about this on plurk earlier today, and I think it has fucked me up for very similar reasons.

Like...okay, I'm sort of glad that the formspring stuff (Do Not Read The Formspring is such a good idea) explicitly acknowledges the sexual context of that encounter and that death, but. akdjfh.

The inescapable outcome of being kinked like Equius is (like I am) is death? Ouch.

And I guess there's something to the bit also in the formspring about how "he felt it was a death with integrity. And so do I," but idek what Hussie means by that word, seriously. ....Seriously I start to feel like all the things that I find most awesome about HS are things that are in there *despite* Hussie's grand plans, and not because of them.

Maybe that's hurt feelings talking. But it's still where I am right now.

Date: 2011-02-10 05:57 am (UTC)
cypher: (for my lord and for his cause)
From: [personal profile] cypher
Yeah, I think I was having really similar reactions. By the time we'd gotten three deaths in quick succession, I was going "well, okay, I don't think I can manage to care about this anymore, my emotional investment has checked out," and the utterly trolly way he played out the revival attempt just made that more intense.

But then things with Equius just. augh. He mattered (matters) so much to me, and right up to the death update I was still praying he'd find some reason to fight back. I was so invested in him, and wanted better for him. Especially after those exchanges with Nepeta suggested more emotional depth than the running gag Hussie kept making with him.

But no, he got shafted, and that hurt. And then Hussie's explanation of it made it hurt worse. I...had already pretty clearly gotten the impression that he doesn't have a lot of respect for people generally, and he's definitely not trying to do supportive portrayals of the various non-default identities he's got there -- see also the frequency with which Tavros's paralysis is the source of "humor" -- but goddamn does this stuff hurt worse when it gets personal.

I keep trying to cling to the specifics -- "inevitable outcome" because of all the circumstances, that it's the combination of needing to submit and being a member of this pathologically violent race. Trying to tell myself the submission is only a problem because of the existing "murderous urges" issue. But that really doesn't help much, when there are so few other models for characters who function along that power-kink axis.
(...and I keep saying to myself, seriously, self, you are feeling heartbroken and betrayed by a webcomic? heartbroken? but yeah, kind of.)

Moving on, yeah, plurk is sort of a hybrid between twitter and a chat client? Like, each individual message can then have replies, and the replies are all collected together so it's easy to follow a conversation (unlike on twitter, where you have to follow all the relevant names to have a clue what's going on). So it's pretty good for nerdy chatter about random stuff. ^^

Date: 2011-02-09 03:06 am (UTC)
vangirl: (Vriska: End Game)
From: [personal profile] vangirl
Got linked by [personal profile] cypher and just. this. He laid out a tension filled scenario, very much related to Equius' sexuality and made his death terrifying...and then expects people to find it hilarious?

Not cool Hussie, not cool.

Date: 2012-03-30 11:56 pm (UTC)
dharma_slut: They call me Mister CottonTail (mIrAcLeS)
From: [personal profile] dharma_slut
So I'm coming late to this discussion, having just recently found the OM NOM NOM that is Homestuck fandom, and yeah. I'm going to say that not once have I ever found a canon source for anything that is reliable and non-problematic, no matter how almost-awesome the concept is and how almost-queer friendly the characters look.

And I don't. Trust. Boys. With. My. Shit.

in BTVS, Willow's girlfriend Tara was fridged. And HUssie-- who writes badass women, and makes some of his males sorta maybe bisexual, turns an incredibly complex man with a submissive but snobbish nature-- into a stereotypical 1960's faggit, frankly. The sad queer who welcomes a sexual death. An old staple of pulp novels.

But-- damn, the fans fix all the things, ten ways from Sunday!

I joined plurk, by the way, on account of you saying so :)


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