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Still kind of flipping out about recent Homestuck updates (still talking about the ones from the weekend here). I feel kind of silly, because hey, it's a webcomic. But wow, if I thought the meaningless deaths were upsetting me, how about one that is terrifying and meaningful in-universe and personally! Surely that would make a lovely change! Yeah, about that.

The reason I was so upset about Hussie's Formspring yesterday was that he was admonishing fans to take it as a joke for the very reasons it was terrifying to me. Like, Equius is a gag character because he's sexually submissive, therefore his death is a gag death because it involves sexual submission! Get it? ...well actually no, I epically did not get it, with a side of taking it personally which probably wasn't entirely necessary.

His later post (yes, I looked at it again, proving that I have the decision-making ability of a concussed stoat, because We Do Not Read The Formspring) just sort of made me think that Mr Hussie's idea of funny is just incomprehensibly different from my own, so a death that picks up all the things that have been important for the character and follows them to their most horrifying conclusion is funny. Which, I mean, okay, what I feel is not what I would refer to as amusement - and granted I assume he's not expecting his audience to share Equius' kinks and get an extra layer of terrifying identifying with him, so maybe that makes it funnier? - but whatever you want to call it, man - even though he called it trolling I feel a little less trolled (Although we still Do Not Read The Formspring).

I'm not really looking at the fandom right now, either - if there were discussion (outside the message boards, which I just can't keep up with) I'd be up for that, but where I've been looking fandom is making the jokes (also, the porn) that are, I admit, called for by the update. I'm just not feeling it right now because instead of being amused, it's sort of relevant to my interests and therefore simultaneously horrifying. I'm gonna go, like, read X-men fic until I stop flipping my shit about this webcomic (wish I was far enough along in DS9 to go read ALL the fanfiction without spoiling most of the actual plot). Also possibly do my homework, oh right, that.
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