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Wow, it has been so long since I posted anything that it begins to be difficult to break the pattern. I got this Plurk device; possibly I will say more things if they are in little pieces. In general I'm like "Oh yeah! The internet is a two-way communication device! Great, let's get on that!"

These books are like, so perfect for me in every way. It's sort of hard to describe, really; I mean, I know what makes it good, but not why it works so well for me, even in comparison to other good things. It's not precisely that I'm going to up and emigrate to Barrayar at the slightest opportunity (at any rate, I am sworn to the service of Mars). I don't know, it just makes so much sense. I keep reading an interaction and feeling my heart swell in shocked, joyous recognition, and then wanting to quote it at everyone I know except NO1CURR. I haven't even been like "Oh my god, I need fanfic for this" because everything is IN THE BOOKS.

I have to say that I found Koudelka to be a class-A male lesbian. I understand your reasoning though, [profile] ocelotofdoom in that if you have no interest in dudes having insecurity about their masculinity, he comes off as being a dick sometimes. And Drou is not the average partner of such a character, as despite being badass she is not really more assertive than he is. Perhaps it helps that he is also my other favorite character type, the trusted lieutenant! But it's so cute to watch them flounder, and then Cordelia has to tell them what is what, and then he salutes her when the group splits up...I felt it had delivered sufficiently in the squee department.

I am only like a chapter into The Warrior's Apprentice but it seems to be working the same way. Often when there's a huge time jump it makes me want to check out, but I am in love with the setting and the feel even more so than the characters, so I'm just like, "Oh crikey, it's BARRAYAR! <3 <3"
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