Jan. 26th, 2012

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My mental health law class is just the most stressful thing imaginable. The professor (who is also a judge) has openly said that she expects those of us who go on to practice in the area to be advocating for civil commitment of individuals, which is...precisely not what I'm taking the class to do. It's also really, really obvious, although she hasn't said it outright, that she doesn't envision anyone with a mental illness to be in the class (she tells us, to "humanize" people with mental illness, to think of the homeless people in Downtown Crossing). I spend half that class wanting to come out and say "we're in ur law schoolz, gettin your bar licensez" and the rest of it really not.

She has us do presentations called "mental health person of the week" and so far they have all been of high-profile criminals. She's been assigning them but she's acted like she's open to suggestions so I need to think of something else I can do and suggest it before she calls on me to do some shooting or other. Honestly I think it's really gross that she's presenting this as a discussion on mental health policy to a roomful of people who she doesn't expect have any prior knowledge. I mean, hard cases make bad law is pretty much a truism, and it's not like we have a problem with people underestimating how violent mentally ill people are. It's a really fucking upsetting way of teaching.

Other than that the semester is going well, at least. I've been getting out and talking to people (from my journal, mostly, who I'm not really close with, but at least I'm not sitting in my apartment all day), which makes me immediately and visibly saner, which makes me able to get out and talk to more people. It's an excellent cycle. And in eleven more weeks (well, plus exams, so I guess thirteen) I won't be a law student anymore, which is even better.


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