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I wasn't going to get a kink_bingo card until after the bar exam, since I don't really have time to be writing fic anyway. Then I had the brilliant idea that, well, I usually have to turn stuff over for a little while before I write it down anyway, so I might as well just get the card and I don't have to actually write anything about it until I'm done with the exam.

...sigh. Only of course it's really difficult to give any fucks about the parol evidence rule when what I'm really doing is trying to think of ideas for authority figures + ropes/chains, one of these things is pretty clearly more compelling than the other.
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I've been comfortably ensconced in the burbs for three weeks now (although I've only just finished the actual move, but that's another story...) and so far it's basically been one of the best ideas I've ever had. I think of myself as a city guy, but it's just so nice to be in a house that feels like a human habitat rather than a glorified dorm room. My housemate has been on vacation for most of the time I've been here, but she is awesome and she's coming home tonight, so I'm done with the living-in-someone-else's-house bit as well (I'm actually going to pick her up at the airport in a bit because she got screwed by flight delays. I totally know how to drive to the airport!)

I got a law degree but that means I'm in the middle of studying for the bar exam so we're not going to talk about that part.

It's actually pretty great for my fannish life though, because I've been unwinding from studying by voraciously devouring new canons, which I never get around to most of the time. So I've been watching Katekyo Hitman Reborn and playing Final Fantasy VII and flailing about them a lot (especially KHR due to the high quotient of loyalty!kink distributed among the shounen fighting antics, Hayato Gokudera is everything I never quite realized I wanted out of fiction)

Basically what I'm saying is life, keep this up.
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My mental health law class is just the most stressful thing imaginable. The professor (who is also a judge) has openly said that she expects those of us who go on to practice in the area to be advocating for civil commitment of individuals, which is...precisely not what I'm taking the class to do. It's also really, really obvious, although she hasn't said it outright, that she doesn't envision anyone with a mental illness to be in the class (she tells us, to "humanize" people with mental illness, to think of the homeless people in Downtown Crossing). I spend half that class wanting to come out and say "we're in ur law schoolz, gettin your bar licensez" and the rest of it really not.

She has us do presentations called "mental health person of the week" and so far they have all been of high-profile criminals. She's been assigning them but she's acted like she's open to suggestions so I need to think of something else I can do and suggest it before she calls on me to do some shooting or other. Honestly I think it's really gross that she's presenting this as a discussion on mental health policy to a roomful of people who she doesn't expect have any prior knowledge. I mean, hard cases make bad law is pretty much a truism, and it's not like we have a problem with people underestimating how violent mentally ill people are. It's a really fucking upsetting way of teaching.

Other than that the semester is going well, at least. I've been getting out and talking to people (from my journal, mostly, who I'm not really close with, but at least I'm not sitting in my apartment all day), which makes me immediately and visibly saner, which makes me able to get out and talk to more people. It's an excellent cycle. And in eleven more weeks (well, plus exams, so I guess thirteen) I won't be a law student anymore, which is even better.
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Annnnnd Homestuck demonstrates that it still has not lost the capacity to unscrupulously toy with my emotions.

Overly-specific update feeeeelings )
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Drabble bingo for the kink_bingo December mini-challenge. This is such an exciting mini-challenge, OMG. I waffled on it until the last minute (obviously) but I really wanted to do one. The bingo is the top horizontal line of my card from this summer.

Five drabbles, 100 words each, Farscape and Homestuck.
Some are explicit, the Equius/Aradia one is referencing canon dubcon.

Leather, latex, rubber: Farscape, Scorpius/Braca )

Silk, velvet, feathers, furs: Homestuck, Kanaya(/Vriska) )

Exhibitionism: Homestuck, John/Karkat )

Service: Homestuck, Equius(/Aradia) )

Gender play: Homestuck, Jade/Karkat )
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I feel that before I start posting porn it would behoove me to make some sort of statement of my continued functioning, so, here I am. I haven't really had much of anything interesting to say or been very active in fandoms due to most of 2011 pretty much kicking my ass, so you never know, maybe that could change in 2012.

I'm mostly active at [ profile] hellscabanaboy on tumblr these days. Honestly I really like tumblr, despite its, well, bad parody of a functioning user interface. It's actually really easy to interact with people over there because it's so low-key and ephemeral, it's much less stressful to me to just make offhand comments on things or random silly posts. So I'll be mostly posting over there a lot.

I'm dropping off a fic from [community profile] fic_promptly to rescue it from being lost in the depths of the internet. I write fic pretty much never - and arrgh, it shows - but it was sort of unexpectedly fun so IDK, maybe I'll figure it out.

In Place
Homestuck, Aradia/Equius
700 words, explicit
Prompt: Aradia/Equius, telekinetic bondage

In Place )

Okay writing this basically just whetted my appetite for Aradia/Equius. Like now I just want to keep writing them running around fighting critters and having an excessively complicated relationship and Equius wanting to not be a dick but he doesn't actually know how.

But well I also want to sometime write something that isn't self-indulgent d/s because...that would be an exciting new adventure.
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Well so I got a kink bingo card.

Card below cut )
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It appears that Vorkosigan Saga now has a kink meme. Shockingly enough, I'm usually okay with the relative dearth of porn in Vorkosigan fandom because there's so much amazing gen that has what I'm looking for in a story. However, kink memes are one of my very favorite things on the internet, so I most fervently applaud this development.
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Gregor brings out my warped version of a nurturing instinct. Like, I want to be his badass big bro and take him up on my dugong (for the unaware, this is not a metaphor for improper designs on his Imperial Majesty, this is an actual flying space manatee). I would teach him how to navigate a dugong and then I would be like, "all right bro, take us to Mars!" and he would fly my dugong to Mars and it would make Illyan CRY (even though I really love Illyan and pretty much want to be just like him when I grow up). We would go to parties on Mars and no one would be a fuckass since the majority of Martians have less respect than me for the hereditary aristocracy. I would invite him to join the Dugong Corps, but it is probably inappropriate for me to encourage wars of succession in foreign states. Anyway, I feel that bro needs some shit to do, so we would fly around in a manatee together and find exciting shit to do.
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Let's try this again! So, [profile] ocelotofdoom makes sweater patterns with trolls on them. I, of course, could hardly have resisted such an amazingly dorky opportunity.

Pictures of the absurd[ly awesome] item )
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Wow, it has been so long since I posted anything that it begins to be difficult to break the pattern. I got this Plurk device; possibly I will say more things if they are in little pieces. In general I'm like "Oh yeah! The internet is a two-way communication device! Great, let's get on that!"

Vorkosigan novels )
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Not Karkat/Equius (because I apparently think that line art is for during class) but I did do a Dave and a Rose so I could get used to this newfangled "drawing...on a computer" thing. I hadn't drawn for years until Homestuck dragged me back in, because it has that power. I'm glad it did though, because this is pretty fun! Also, I used to hate coloring and just do inked stuff, but the texture thing I did with these is kind of cool, so I might keep that up.
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W0w, I appear to have just pretty much finished the paper that has been eating my life since before winter break! Possibly now I will exist!

BRB, off to go draw some Karkat/Equius (because Homestuck = fanart gateway drug apparently).
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