Dec. 27th, 2011

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I feel that before I start posting porn it would behoove me to make some sort of statement of my continued functioning, so, here I am. I haven't really had much of anything interesting to say or been very active in fandoms due to most of 2011 pretty much kicking my ass, so you never know, maybe that could change in 2012.

I'm mostly active at [ profile] hellscabanaboy on tumblr these days. Honestly I really like tumblr, despite its, well, bad parody of a functioning user interface. It's actually really easy to interact with people over there because it's so low-key and ephemeral, it's much less stressful to me to just make offhand comments on things or random silly posts. So I'll be mostly posting over there a lot.

I'm dropping off a fic from [community profile] fic_promptly to rescue it from being lost in the depths of the internet. I write fic pretty much never - and arrgh, it shows - but it was sort of unexpectedly fun so IDK, maybe I'll figure it out.

In Place
Homestuck, Aradia/Equius
700 words, explicit
Prompt: Aradia/Equius, telekinetic bondage

In Place )

Okay writing this basically just whetted my appetite for Aradia/Equius. Like now I just want to keep writing them running around fighting critters and having an excessively complicated relationship and Equius wanting to not be a dick but he doesn't actually know how.

But well I also want to sometime write something that isn't self-indulgent d/s because...that would be an exciting new adventure.


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